Sarah Healy

Sarah Healy

Stage 1


Kia Ora, I’m Sarah. I am a year 12 student at Sacred Heart Girls College, Hamilton. I am determined, competitive and love to set goals to give me something to aim for. Currently I am in stage one of the Pinnacle Programme.


A strong passion of mine is Rowing. Rowing has taught me many values such as resilience, self perseverance, motivation, and great time management skills. I was fortunate to medal twice this season gaining a national title, achieving my personal best and competing at the Maadi Cup. Some interests of mine are Debating, Politics, and History. These all a line with each other and debating in particular has helped me to look at things from an alternate perspective. I have also played hockey since intermediate, and it is a passion of mine. I’m currently in my school's 1st Xl and I love the culture of the team. I love the competitive aspect that comes from Rowing, Debating and Hockey, but also the need to work together with your team and to build together. I am very academically focused and am looking to attend university in the future. My interests are in the Sciences and Social Sciences. I am not sure as to what the future holds for me, but I want to enter a career where I can help people and aspire to reach the top in my chosen field. 


I am very grateful to be selected into Stage One of the Pinnacle Programme, induction day was a great opportunity for myself to meet like minded people, and I am looking forward to embarking on this new journey. 

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