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Stage 1 - Self Discovery

Spirit of Adventure

"I don't regret doing the Spirit of Adventure. I walked on being shy and reserved. I walked off feeling empowered and inspired." - Ondre Hapuku-Lambert

Stage 2 - Personal Development

Outward Bound

"Outward Bound was an unexpectedly transformative experience. It simultaneously humbles you, fatigues you, challenges you, builds you up, inspires and empowers you. I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity and my time there, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone, regardless of their circumstances." - Ben Mollison

Stage 3 - Mentoring and Guidance

Kai Waho

“Kai Waho was an enlightening experience where we truly got to discover who we are and the person we aspire to be. The insightful guidance from our mentors, enriched within the unique and nourishing environment, allowed us to take a moment to pause and reflect on our journey, to then further refine the person we aspire to be.“ - Georgia Brooks


Tailor your final six months working with mentors, networks or courses to enhance your talents, work on improvement areas or refine and execute your plan.


Connect and Mentor

"The Pinnacle family is a community of inspiring people working on making our impact on New Zealand and the world. The supportive environment and enthusiasm from everyone creates an incredible place to learn and grow together." - Jenni Palmer



"I am extremely grateful for being part of the Pinnacle alumni because I have the opportunity to give back to the programme, which helped my career excel". - Elijah Taylor

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