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Stage 1 - Self Discovery

Spirit of Adventure

Stage 1 of the Pinnacle Programme is all about self-discovery. During Stage 1, students will participate in an induction day with the other selected students, complete 1-on-1 goal setting with a member of the Pinnacle team as well as participating in a 10-day voyage on board the Spirit of New Zealand.

Stage 2 - Personal Development

Outward Bound

The main focus for Stage 2 of the Pinnacle Programme is personal development. Students in Stage 2 will experience being pushed outside of their mental and physical comfort zones with a 21-day course at Outward Bound. They will have access to workshops and will have the chance to partake in a range of work experience opportunities.

Stage 3 - Mentoring and Guidance

Kai Waho

Mentoring and guidance are what students will gain from Stage 3 of the Pinnacle Programme. They will attend Kai Waho - a four day unique Māori, cultural and wilderness experience, in addition to specialist workshops. Stage 3 students will be connected to mentors and networks relevant to their fields of expertise.


Connect and Mentor

The highlight of every year is the annual graduation celebration to acknowledge the students who have completed all three stages of the programme. Alumni, board, selectors and past graduates all come together to network, connect and celebrate the accomplishments of our talented graduates.



The special thing about the Pinnacle Programme, is that whether you have been through all three stages or just stage 1 you are part of the alumni. Our alumni consists of past Pinnacle graduates, board, selectors and mentors. By being part of the alumni you are connected to networks and a community of people who are keen to give back and support students and the programme.

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