Nina Rebecca Menegatti Zink

Nina Rebecca Menegatti Zink

Stage 1

Conservation Community

Kai Ora, I’m Nina. I’m a fifteen year old from Te Anau, a little town down South that not many people seem to have heard about! 


People know me for my curiosity and empathy, and as someone who is constantly asking questions and making things. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, archery, climbing trees and just generally being in the outdoors. Growing up in Fiordland I’ve always had a strong connection to the natural world. From protesting against the Monorail at only age four to establishing a research project on the South island Robins, Fiordland has always been a part of my life, and has shaped me as a person. It is a place that I love and want to protect, as it’s taught me so much, and given me opportunities not many people get.


As well as being an environmentalist/activist, I am also an author. I published my own children's book titled A walk in 2021, and I am a journalist for the youth magazine Create Happy.


My dream is to become a paediatrician, as I love working with, as well as caring for children. I have always wanted to do something around the sciences in a way that can help someone. My ultimate goal would be to work as a paediatrician for a Non-Governmental Organisation such as Doctors Without Borders. I want to be working in the field, with real people, who I can really help. I want the work that I do to be tangible, and I want to give children from developing countries a chance to follow their dreams. 


I am super excited to be starting the Pinnacle Programme and to meet new people from all around Aotearoa. I hope that Pinnacle will help shape me as a person, giving me new connections with people, and give me the confidence and support to follow my aspirations while sharing the journey with other young people and making long lasting friendships. 

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