Holly Bagwell

Holly Bagwell

Stage 1


Hi, I’m Holly, an 18-year-old Stage One Pinnacle student with a passion for climate change and wellbeing. 

My passion for well-being was sparked by an interest in yoga, which lead me to become a Registered Yoga Teacher when I was 16 years old. I am especially interested in how yoga can be used as a tool to help teens navigate through life. 

My passion for climate change is particularly in how to make Regenerative Gardening a more widely adopted solution. In exploring this idea, I created a Regenerative Garden whilst I was at high school and recently participated in the For the Love of Bees Earthworkers course as a part of my gap year. 

I am currently in my gap year, which I am using to learn more about how I can make a positive impact on people and the planet. To deepen my understanding of our ocean environment I spent the beginning of the year working as an Outdoor Leader at Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Centre. I have also been working on community behavior change with the Auckland Council on the introduction of food scrap collection bins in Auckland. These jobs have been really interesting as they have taught me more about the psychology behind climate change action. 

From May 2023, I will be traveling through Asia to explore well-being and climate change solutions overseas, with the hope of applying what I’ve learned to my studies. In September I will attend a language university in Taiwan, studying to become fluent in Chinese.

In 2024 plan to study the Bachelor of Climate Change majoring in psychology and economics at the University of Waikato. 

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