Fergus McMullan

Fergus McMullan

Stage 2

Art Conservation Science Community Volunteering

Hi, my name is Fergus McMullan and I'm currently a year 13 student attending St Kevins College in ŇĆamaru.

I am passionate about art, science and service. I believe these are very important aspects of my life and hope that through my journey in the Pinnacle Programme I can help improve them. Hopefully, the Pinnacle Programme will help me to further extend these important areas of my life.

Art is something I find super empowering and something I strongly connect with. Generally, I find it connects me with the natural world and others. At school, I am currently working on a sculpture folio and particularly enjoy the artsy side of English. Both of these subjects allow me to express myself and put into words or visual media my ideas. I am also interested in poetry.

Science is something I feel creates progress, I'm really passionate about science and especially science that revolves around nature and our environment. I hope I can find a future where I work in a science field and help people and our planet. I am currently doing a uni math paper through canterbury and hope to potentially do something of a physics flavour in the future.

Community is huge for me and I really believe in service and giving back. My community has done so much for me and I really hope I can give back and that through the Pinnacle Programme I can find ways to improve my skills. I'm involved in several service clubs around my school and the wider Waitaki community including Students Against Dangerous Driving, Waitaki District Youth Council and the Waitaki AA as well as this l am a prefect at school and have been enjoying the ways it allows me to give back.

Currently, I am working on my gold Duke of Edinborough award which I find very rewarding and something that really pushes me to be the best I can be, for DoE I run long distances, play volleyball, debate and am learning Spanish.

I am really looking forward to the Pinnacle Programme and am so grateful the selectors saw something in me to be improved and fine-tuned. I'm excited to go on Outward Bound this December and can't wait to see how it tests my limits and teaches me about myself and how to become a better version of myself.

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