Eleanor Johnson

Eleanor Johnson

Stage 1

Art Community Business

Kia Ora, I’m Eleanor Johnson. I’m in Year 12 and attending Wellington Girls College located in the beautiful capital city of New Zealand.


I have grown up constantly asking questions. A lot of questions. I have always loved learning. What makes society tick? The answer to that question, I believe is in the youth who are our future. Overall, I want to help the youth of my generation, and the generations ahead to see the bigger picture and to know not to settle for what they can achieve versus what they could achieve. Due to this passion, I am part of the inaugural University of Auckland Youth Advisory group where we investigate how to further improve youth's future.


I’ve also got a passion for law and economics, I’ve had the privilege of attending Young Enterprise BizVenture China 2023, NZ Business Week (Brave Thinkers), and NZMUN 2023. Law and economics together can explain the very concepts of society. It’s what holds us together as a society.

I’ve also always been drawn to the arts. The versatility it brings. Although my main niche is music, I’ve been playing violin for ten years joining many orchestras and instrumental groups. 


 “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” - Anthony J. D’Angelo

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