Corbin Paterson

Corbin Paterson

Stage 1

Community Business

My name is Corbin, I am 16 years old and I am currently enrolled at Tauranga Boys' College. I am a part of the Young Farmers Club, the Horticulture Club and occasionally participate in debating. Outside of school I am a member of the Paengaroa Amateur Radio Club where I help with events and the yearly market day sale. I have made contact with over 80 different countries during my time with the Radio Club. My contacts range from places like Antarctica, Europe, the Americas and more. Outside of the Radio Club I also enjoy cycling around bike tracks in my local area. 

A recent achievement I had was in the CQ WPX 2022 Amateur Radio Contest Youth Overlay. I came 1st in New Zealand, 4th in Oceania and 18th overall in the world. I gained a total of 15,264 points and made contact with 72 different prefixes and 24 countries during the the contest. With over 15,000 contestants each year, I think this is one of my proudest achievements as I have only had my amateur radio license for two years now. I feel incredibly proud to have competed in the youth overlay.

A quote that inspires me is “He who stands lives: he who sits perishes.”

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