Charlotte Catherwood

Charlotte Catherwood

Stage 2


Hiya everyone, my name is Charlotte Catherwood and I am currently a part of Stage One Pinnacle. I am 17 years old, making me a year 13 at my school (St Mary's College Auckland). So far, year 13 has been both awesome and super busy and I have loads of exciting goals set for this year like achieving NCEA Level 3 with excellence, playing my hardest in New Zealand and overseas tennis tournaments as well as having a whole load of fun and using every opportunity that my last year of school throws at me! 

I am passionate about tennis, netball, public speaking, learning languages as well as getting down and dirty in the outdoors. I am an active person and you can often find me swimming, surfing, skiing, hiking or anything that involves getting close to nature and an adreneline rush. This is one of the many reasons why I am so incredibly greatful to be a part of the Pinnacle Programme. Spirit of Adventure, which I boarded in April, was filled with adventure, pushing comfort zones and creating friendships; making me believe that the voyage is something every kiwi kid should do. Pinnacle's support through mentoring and workshops has also been so beneficial, teaching me lots about who I am and helping me to achieve my goals. 

Next year, the general plan is to head down South to Otago and study first year health science, a course that combines my love for science with my passion for helping others. Aside from this, I want to do so many other things. My bucket list is limitless (travelling the world, teaching or nursing in an LEDC country and sky diving just to name a few). Whatever I do with my life, I think the most important thing is surrounding myself with loved ones, taking every opportunity with both hands and having a whole load of fun along the way :)

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