Benjamin Mollison

Benjamin Mollison

Stage 3


Hi, my name is Ben Mollison.

I am currently a student at the University of Auckland, working towards a Bachelor of Jazz Performance majoring in guitar. My time with the Pinnacle Programme has been gradual and transformative. It allowed me to take stock of the direction of my life, identify my passions and set myself a high benchmark.

The two courses – Outward Bound and Spirit of Adventure – were unexpectedly enlightening. Through these opportunities, I have learnt what drives, challenges, inspires and fulfils me. I gained a greater admiration and respect for the natural world and a focus on compassion and community. The humbling input from Pinnacle has affirmed me to take measurable steps towards my career, continuing to better myself.

I am gradually working on writing and producing a body of work. This combines my passions for songwriting, composing, and music production and I hope to release some songs in the near future. A recent achievement was completing my Journalism degree which took a lot of perseverance and hard work. Completing the degree ultimately steered me in the direction of pursuing further study and reorienting myself with my main interests in music.

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