Ben Maxwell

Ben Maxwell

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I'm Ben, I am in my second year studying for a Bachelors of Commerce at UC. I am planning on majoring in Business Economics, and minoring in Environmental Sustainability. I am very passionate about all things business & sustainability-related, and I have a strong drive for success.

Since 2015 I have been growing my own I.T business ( I custom build, design, and service computers to a vast range of clientele all across New Zealand including businesses, home users, organisations, and enthusiasts. My attention to detail and my high-quality product has assisted in my business growing to 7 figures in sales as of 2020. The success of my I.T business has allowed me to expand into investments in designing & developing residential property along with stocks & crypto. I plan on moving into commercial and large scale residential property development in the future.

Not only has the Pinnacle Programme helped my personal and business growth through the guidance of mentors and skills training. Pinnacle has helped me to expand my understanding of business through opportunities such as working in the Hyundai head office, and their connections in business. 

I am very passionate about helping others succeed in life and business. I have been a business mentor to multiple younger students, helping them create successful, viable businesses and side hustles, alongside presenting and speaking to classes at both the local intermediate school and Tauranga Boys College during my final year of high school. I continue to actively advise and help a vast range of people with investment and money management assistance & advice.

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