Anja Kuys

Anja Kuys

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Hi! My name is Anja Kuys, I’m 21 and I graduated in May from the University of Montevallo in the USA with a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition. Starting in August, I will continue to complete a masters at the same University. This degree encompasses my passion for sport, how the body works and how to best look after it.

I am a student-athlete at Montevallo so while simultaneously completing my studies, I play lacrosse for the school on a scholarship. I have been named on several honour rolls and presidents lists for the university. Playing lacrosse overseas has given me the opportunity to understand different skills and teaching and how it compares to lacrosse in New Zealand. This allows me to have a more rounded view of the sport and bring insights and skills home. I have represented Lacrosse at both National and International levels and it has taken me to many places such as Australia, South Korea, China and America. I have recently competed for New Zealand at the Women's Lacrosse World Championship which was held in Towson, Maryland where we placed a respectable 12th place.

I grew up in Hamilton and loved being outdoors always on the go. My first taste of sport was when I began playing soccer at the age of 5 and I never looked back. I consistently wanted to try new sports, from water polo to track cycling. Playing a range of sports allowed me to grow in many different ways and bring together skills from various areas. I have also created numerous friendships through playing multiple sports.

Outside of the sporting arena, I have completed the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award. This award enabled me to participate in activities that I normally wouldn’t and I now have skills in car mechanics, learning the violin and French. I also got involved as a guide with the Achilles group which encourages individuals with disabilities to get involved in athletics.

I am looking forward to seeing where my degree will lead me and what the next few years of my life will look like!

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