Angus Baker

Angus Baker

Stage 2

Sport Community Volunteering

Hi there, my name is Angus Baker and I am a Year 13 student at Auckland Grammar School. Although I board in Auckland, I am from and live in Gisborne.

I have diverse interests throughout a range of areas. My strength lies in my academia, and mainly in the humanities. I was selected for, and captained, the New Zealand team for the Australasian Economics Olympiad, and was the second placing individual. I have also been a part of a national champion History Bowl team, and earned scholarships in History and French in Year 12.

However, I am also passionate about my chosen sport: kayaking. I enjoy being outdoors and staying fit and active. Kayaking allows me to do this and meet with many fantastic people. Over the past couple of years, I have competed for the NZ Asia-Pacific team, making a number of A-finals. Individually, I placed third in the K1 1000 in New Zealand.

I've equally looked to improve my leadership skills. I was named as the Head Prefect of Tibbs House - Auckland Grammar's hostel - and a Senior Prefect at school. Through the Pinnacle Programme, I was fortunate enough to sail on, and become trainee captain of, Spirit of Adventure Voyage #869. I've learnt that leadership is a journey, and one that you have to bring others on with you to be successful.

I'm looking forward to continuing my development under the Pinnacle programme. As I look towards the transition from school life towards being at university, it's great to know I have a strong team there to mentor me on my journey. It's been a great journey so far, but there's so much more to do.

 As Sir Edmund Hillary said, "it is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves."

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