Tayla Jury

Tayla Jury


I have been a part of the Hyundai NZ family since 2014. Embarking on a journey that initially began in Customer Service, I then had the opportunity to diversify my experiences, transitioning into the realm of marketing. Following marketing, I assumed the role of Pinnacle Programme Coordinator, and today, I'm honoured to lead the programme.

I hold a Bachelor of Communications degree Majoring in Television. More recently, I've expanded my knowledge base by obtaining a Graduate Diploma in Arts, Majoring in Psychology.

One could describe me as an exceedingly passionate, enthusiastic individual, always eager to take on new challenges. My greatest passions revolve around people, culture, and mental health. I thrive in environments where I can effect change, whether it's through providing individuals with the tools they need to grow and develop into their best selves or creating a workspace that people genuinely desire to be a part of.

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