Peter Talyancich

Peter Talyancich


As a successful business owner and very proud Kiwi, I am very thrilled to be a selector and contributor for Pinnacle. 

I've been aligned with Pinnacle for over 5 years and it brings me joy to help something that offers so much to individuals and New Zealand as a whole. Seeing the potential in young Kiwi's continues to amaze me and illustrates just how awesome the country that we live in actually is. I find that often people that can be high achievers do not get the same opportunities as others and one of the many highlights in Pinnacle is recognising talent and potential and helping it grow. 

My experience building successful companies is something that I enjoy passing over to the Pinnacle program and applicants. Teaching is something that gives me great satisfaction and it's great to be able to help people steer away from mistakes that have already been made in the past no matter how big, or small as it all adds up. By being a good teacher and strong leader to my own team it has continued to strengthen and improve my team and business. If I didn't have my team today I would not be where I am today as its the people that count. 

New Zealand is a country that punches well above its weight in so many levels and my support for Pinnacle and the future of New Zealand continues to boost my own goals and challenges in life. I am lucky to be a part of Pinnacle. 

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