Liam Hewson

Liam Hewson

Stage 3

Conservation Science Community Volunteering

My name is Liam Hewson and I am a fifth year university student at the University of Otago. I am passionate about science, the outdoors and youth development.

Currently, I am starting my Masters of Science in Natural Products Chemistry, looking at bioactive compounds from plantĀ and their applications. This involves a good deal of problem solving and hard mahi in the lab, but also includes outreach into communities, schools and marae.

My love of science has grown from a young age, and I have been privileged to have had a plethora of inspiring teachers that encouraged me to aspire for personal excellence. I have studied a BSc in Chemistry, minoring in Plant Biotechnology, with strong focuses on biological sciences (botany, microbiology and zoology) and education - a combination allowing me to build a flexible skill set and follow my passions, and contribute to New Zealand, from now into the future.

I volunteer widely across the university community and in the Scouting Movement, including on the Board of Scouts Aotearoa. I also sit on the Executive Committee of NZIBO, helping mentor in and run the tutorial programme and intensive residential camps. This enables me to be a better leader and role model to my scientific and youth communities, fostering and developing the next generation of leaders.

The Pinnacle family is an amazing community of ambitious, resilient and value-driven youth striving for personal excellence and to make a difference in their field. I can't wait for more incredible opportunities, adventures and people brought together by Pinnacle!

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