Simon Kay

Simon Kay


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Kia ora, I'm Simon!

During the day, I write computer programs that help forecast the weather - freeing up other meteorologists' time to focus on complex tasks. At night, I keep the city safe from sadness, sharing jokes around the Auckland open mic circuit —like a comedic Batman. You can see me delivering my top-tier material at The Classic Comedy Club on Queen Street.

I joined the Pinnacle Programme in 2014 (ignore that it took me nine years to graduate). It took me longer than high school, but I loved every moment! Tailored support, development courses, and great people. Their network set me up to perform my first stand-up comedy set at a pro show. It was a life-changing event, and I will be forever thankful for Pinnacle backing me.

I recently spent 18 months volunteering with Generation Zero, a climate action organisation. We work towards a sustainable future centered around Climate Justice. Ensuring we solve our environmental problems in a fair and inclusive way. But I'm taking a break and searching for a new way to make a positive impact. In the meantime, I can remind you to hop on a bike (if you can) or eat some beans. Start tomorrow, and be part of the change.

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