Richard Crouchley

Richard Crouchley


Richard Crouchley

I am a professional actor, currently based in Auckland, working in the local and international film industry. My passion for film and TV began at an early age - I would film and star in my own films that, while far from perfect, began my fixation of teaching myself new skills and learning through experience. This led me to seek out opportunities and surround myself with other like-minded individuals - something that The Pinnacle Programme excels at, so naturally, I applied.

Throughout the different stages of Pinnacle, I was given opportunities to work professionally as a creative for the first time, was introduced to people that have been instrumental to my successful career so far, and developed a greater sense of who I am and where I want to be in the future.

In a world where practical experience, connections and interpersonal skills are rapidly becoming more important than any qualification or piece of paper, I believe it's initiatives such as the Pinnacle Programme that will allow people a leg up and set people apart in any industry or organisation.

I will always be grateful to the Pinnacle Programme for empowering me to pursue my passions and unlock my full potential.

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