Olivia Murphy

Olivia Murphy


Olivia Murphy

I am Olivia Murphy, a 22-year-old from Fiordland, currently studying law and commerce at the University of Canterbury.

William Ernest Henry wrote about being “the master of my fate (and) the captain of my soul” in his poem, ‘Invictus.’ My years with Pinnacle have played an undeniably influential role in providing inspiration, building my skills, and surrounding me with people that encourage me to take ownership and chase the future that I desire.

Pinnacle has been a transformative force in my life. When I initially joined, I aspired to represent New Zealand on the world stage in equestrian, and although my focus has moved outside of competitive sport, the support and quality of the people that had my back has been second to none. Pinnacle is its people and having the privilege of interacting with those who see such scope and potential in the human capacity to achieve has catalysed the same within me.

A fellow student remarked the other day that we live in a “send or get sent world.” The comradery that I found in Pinnacle, being surrounded by people who do ‘send’ life, has given me the courage to live boldly. Many of the people who have been through Pinnacle with me will also be those who walk beside me throughout life, and the Pinnacle family itself will always remain a source of exuberance and inspiration.

I am immensely grateful for my time and continued involvement with Pinnacle, as well as the way it continuously shapes my life and decisions today. I cannot recommend Pinnacle highly enough.

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