Marayke Bouma


My name is Marayke Bouma. I grew up rurally in the Waikato, then moved to Auckland to study. I'm passionate about the environment and local grassroots solutions. In 2018 I graduated from AUT with a BSc in Environmental Science and Applied Conservation.

Since then, I have been running my own floral design business with a focus on sustainability - offering plastic-free and locally-grown blooms for weddings and gifts. This has been a great way to manage my own work-life balance, live true to my values, and exercise my creative side. I'm currently studying permaculture and beekeeping, hoping to move into regenerative gardening and consultations. I believe in local food growing as a method of community resilience against climate change. I applied for Pinnacle after hearing about Spirit of Adventure and Outward Bound - jumping at the chance for adventure and self-development.

Pinnacle has been a catalyst for growth and confidence for me, learning leadership skills and building trust in myself. It's not often that teenagers are asked to write down a five-year plan, or sleep alone in a forest for a few nights. Another huge part of Pinnacle for me was having a team of adults, who aren’t parents or teachers, who believed in me one hundred percent. Joining Pinnacle means becoming part of the Pinnacle family with incredible contacts all over the country, and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

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