Jess Retter

Jess Retter


Jess Retter

I am Jess and I am currently a financial analyst, specialising in debt deals and transaction services. My driving force behind joining the Pinnacle Programme was my desire to reach the pinnacle of the business world.

I had always wanted to go on Outward Bound after hearing my dad talk about how it influenced him when he did it. I found out about the Pinnacle Programme through an advertisement and instantly applied. I was lucky enough to be in the first intake of the new format of the Pinnacle Programme.

My Pinnacle journey spanned six years with my time on the Spirit of Adventure in my last year of high school. Outward Bound was the most enjoyable stage of the experience for me. I went on Outward Bound at the end of my third year of a five year engineering and commerce conjoint degree. Outward Bound gave me an opportunity to refocus on myself and confirm that my goal was still to achieve within the business realm.

Kai Waho was the most insightful stage of my Pinnacle journey, occurring at the end of my degree before I started work. It gave me the tools to find mentorship within my environment and draw on the skills that have led to their successes. This has been vital in succeeding in my career to date.

The Pinnacle Programme helped me to learn to trust my instincts and back my decisions, but also to work in a team to reach a common goal. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities the Pinnacle Programme has offered me so far, and for my future within the Pinnacle network.

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