Georgia Taylor

Georgia Taylor


Georgia Taylor

Kia ora!

I began my Pinnacle Journey in 2016 and graduated from the Programme at the end of 2020. I initially applied super excited by the idea of a voyage on Spirit of Adventure and a course at Outward Bound - and how lucky I was to realise Pinnacle is so much more than that. My time in the Programme helped immensely in learning who and where I wanted to be in my future, and in bringing it to reality. With the Programme, I focused with equal intensity on road cycling and my academics: both have stood me in good stead with my current work completing a BA-LLB conjoint at Victoria University and coaching mountain biking on the side. Pinnacle was so relentlessly encouraging and motivating that pursuing my goals became increasingly empowering, and the skills I have learnt in doing so have remained invaluable in my life now.

The experiences I have had at Spirit, Outward Bound, and Kai Waho, as well as regular contact with the team, made sure that I was not only going to be able to help myself but my community too. Opportunities for introspection and reflection on those courses were essential in me being able to identify my passions in the outdoors and in my work, and thus determine what I wish to achieve, something I value greatly. There have been various times of indecision in my life, as there are in everyone's, and Pinnacle's teachings were crucial for me in making the decisions to get where I am now. The Programme has instilled in me an approach to achievement and success, by any definition, which will be lifelong and which I am incredibly grateful for.

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