Elizabeth Chan

Elizabeth Chan


Elizabeth Chan

Hi, my name is Liz, and I am a 2021 Pinnacle graduate.

I have always been excited and hands-on in learning about the world and spent my childhood constantly exploring through playing music, competing in sports, making art, and volunteering. Doing these activities, I felt comfortable. The one thing I lacked, being almost impossible to learn in a classroom, is self-confidence.

The Pinnacle Programme adventure helped me realise this confidence and harness it to hopefully do great things.

Today, I am studying Mechatronics Engineering conjoin with Design at the University of Auckland. In the future, I hope to lead radical innovations and technologies that aid humanity in the fight against climate change.

Pinnacle is far more than the three defined stages and the adventures they take you on. It is a community, one filled with positive and inspiring individuals who all share an identical drive to succeed in whatever way is rewarding for them. This network gave me the confidence to embrace my passions and set my goals high. I am driven to make the Pinnacle team proud and forever grateful for the foundation they have set for me to launch from.

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