Cameron Jackson

Cameron Jackson


Cameron Jackson

I am a 23 year old with a rural dairy farming background. I graduated from university with a bachelor degree with an accounting major and worked in public practice, predominately doing agriculture accounts. I am a recently qualified chartered accountant and made the move to Wellington to do finance and treasury at the airport and I’m really enjoying it. Although I am working in Wellington, I do still have a passion for agriculture and hope to go back to that sector one day.

Outside of work I like to play sport, particularly rugby, and have made a few rep teams in the past. I have had a few injuries but am hoping I can get back to a competitive level in the future.

I signed up for the Pinnacle Programme because as a young person, it felt like an amazing opportunity to grow and develop myself whilst also networking with a lot of cool and very successful people.

I have been on the Pinnacle journey since I signed up back in 2014. Since then it has been an unreal experience from the activities I have been fortunate enough to do, and the people I continue to meet. As well as the three stages, I have also been fortunate to have access to a number of work experience opportunities and development workshops to grow as a person.

The Programme has helped me in many ways by putting me outside my comfort zone and experiencing things that I otherwise wouldn’t have experienced. All three stages, and the time in between the stages, has helped develop those invaluable soft skills needed. It has also given me confidence in what I am doing in my career and general life. What I think is special about the programme is that even after graduation, it has continued to help with the countless number of resources and networks available whenever needed, which is really special.

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